Meet Patricia Jackson – Hair. Beauty. Barber.

Providing an increasing demand for a healthier more sustainable salon.

Ballina’s Sustainable, Natural, Low Tox Salon

What do you want from your hairdresser?

A peaceful space?
Safer products?
Experienced hair stylist?
Sustainable salon?
Pleasant smell?
Flexible hours?
Environmental Impact?


I am committed to taking an active role in response to the increasing demand for healthier more sustainable salon choices.

“I have worked in the hair industry for 30 years in Scotland, London, Europe and Australia. I love the ocean and I’m aware of my environment and how much impact the hair industry and my business has on it. I have taken the Low toxic challenge, because of the increasing demand for safer more sustainable better quality salon choices. Two years ago after facing breast cancer, I went on a mission to meet the increasing demand for healthier more sustainable salon choices.
I knew Denmark was leading the world as far as clean. green and safe products were concerned.

I wanted a good quality product and home care range to work with. Natulique ticks all the boxes. The certification policy in Denmark is strict and and Natulique is part of their Organic Culture. They have reduced the chemicals in their colour to 2%.

I am the first hair salon in the Northern Rivers area to bring the experience to my guests getting fabulous results.

I watched the Documentary 2040 with my daughter, came home and made the Low Tox, Low Chemical change.

I’d love to meet with you in my chair”

x pj